Project Info

Jupiter creates a faster sales cycle by helping you gather information efficiently

  • Client : Jupiter
  • Date : 01 March 2021
  • Website :
  • Location : Austin , TX

Project Info

The Challenge

Jupiter brand reduces the stress involved at gathering information efficiently by providing fast, fair, and secure document storage and retrieval solutions to banks and financial institutes . The executive team approached Webjetx with an RFP that included a diverse range of new requests including customer portal design, mobile app UI design, and developing a quality lead generating marketing website, all from scratch. After our detailed discovery, separate design teams worked on the customer portal and mobile app UI simultaneously. Mobile-first design was also a priority as both customers and dealers would mostly access via mobile phone or tablets. The B2B dealers were the primary target audience, while their budget-conscious customers served as the secondary target audience.

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We created user flows and customer journeys to ensure we understood every touch point a customer could make. Powerful and new key features in the customer portal were the dashboard with clear menu options, organized and easy to use. In addition, we eliminated various cluttered sections and redesigned a clean, organized, and minimalist experience showcasing only the pertinent information a customer wants to know. Important information such as historical data, document information , chat features are easily accessible for quick customer comprehension.